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GRID Sponsor Challenges

Your way to play GRID and win prizes.
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Ready for a challenge?

Introduced for the first time in 2017, we've teamed up with sponsors to create a way for anyone in the fitness community to challenge themselves! Take part in some short physical tests, learn more about GRID and win cool prizes just for participating!

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What is a "challenge"?

Short physical tests that correspond to an element you would see in a GRID match. Normally, these take less than two minutes to do and are a fun way to challenge yourself!

Who are they for?

The short answer: everyone! The challenges were created as a way for aspiring GRID players, fans, and the whole fitness community to join in the fun and learn more about GRID with a chance to win some prizes!

How much does it cost to enter?

Nothing! Grab yourself a free account for your chance to enter and win!

The Challenges

A list of the Sponsor Challenges for 2017
Sc eleiko event Standards

Eleiko GRID Challenge

There's one element left in the race and it's a deadlift for 3 reps in Quadrant 4. For the challenge, the athlete must complete 3 repetitions of a deadlift with a barbell pre-loaded with a weight chosen by the athlete. The 3 reps need to be performed in less than 10 seconds.

You could have won these prizes...

Sc rp event Standards

Renaissance Periodization GRID Challenge

The race: Triad. The element: burpee box over. There are 25 burpee box overs required at each station to complete the race. Your teammate begins the station but completes only 4 before needing a sub. You’re tagged in to do the remaining 21 repetitions. How fast can you finish the station for your team?

You could have won these prizes...

Sc wodbom event Standards


Fast transitions between elements are essential in GRID. In a race like the Echo, Utility Players - the unsung heroes of the sport - are sometimes called on to eliminate the need for a sub and complete two different elements back-to-back. It’s time to show your versatility. Can you knock out 20 barbell shoulder-to-overhead then 50 double unders and keep your team in the race?

You could have won these prizes...

Sc victory event Standards

Victory Grips GRID Challenge

GRID players are always coming up with faster and more efficient ways to work through elements. The ability to complete elements in a shorter time domain allows coaches to build strategies around this competitive advantage. To earn a spot in Jack and Jill, your coach has issued a challenge: max double-touch in 30 seconds. Can you show your efficiency and bodyweight mastery to earn your spot?

You could have won these prizes...

Sc oso event Standards

OSO GRID Challenge

The Strength Specialist role is one that requires players to not only move heavy weight, but to move it quickly and efficiently. The snatch is a complex movement and can give the more technically sound Strength Specialist a major advantage. To test your strength, versatility and mechanics, the coach has asked you to find your max load for the following complex of elements: one snatch, one hang snatch and two overhead squats.

You could have won these prizes...

Sponsor Challenges are new in 2017. Don't miss your chance to play GRID and win!

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Each challenge, random particpants will be selected to win gifts from our sponsors.

How to win

Our sponsors will be rewarding $250 cash to the top performing male and female for each challenge that signed up for the online combine

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