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2017 NPGL

GRID Combine

Everything you need to know about the 2017 NPGL Combine
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The Online Combine is your chance to
#playGRID in 2017

Become a pro athlete

The combine is the first step in becoming a pro GRID player. This is your chance to show your skills, get noticed and be on TV all over the world!

Win cash and prizes

This year we have new Sponsor Challenges where the top performers win CASH and random particpants can win awesome PRIZES!

Join the community

This is your chance to join the ever-growing GRID community and experience this new, exciting sport for yourself!

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How to register

Sign up now following these simple steps

Create a free account on

The Combine is an event hosted on Sign up for a free account to see current and future GRID events!


Find the Combine event

Log in to your account, check out the Upcoming Events section and you'll find the 2017 NPGL Online Combine.


Complete the event registration

Just click REGISTER button on the event, fill out the form and you're ready go!

Ready to try out? Register Now

Position paths and GRIDScore

2017 introduced position-specific paths to let you focus on what you do best

GRID is evolving

We've introducted position-specifc paths and tailored GRIDScores this year to encourage athletes from various discplines to showcase their strengths. This option during registration prompts athletes to select one of the three positions - Bodyweight Specialist, Utility Player or Strength Specialist. The choice will both alert coaches and scouts to your desired role on the team, as well as dictate which testers you complete for your GRIDScore.

More information on the testers can be found on the GRIDScore page.

The positions in GRID

Teams are always on the lookout for new specialists and utility players to come in and make an impact. The next season will introduce changes to race formats and elements that require higher level gymnastics, weightlifting and pure athleticism.

Bw specialist sm

Bodyweight Specialist Gymnastic and calisthenic ninjas

Are you a current or former gymnast? Are you a ninja on the pull-up bar or rings? You'll be called on for complex gymnastics, rope climbs, handstand walks and more. Jack and Jill will be your race to shine!

Utility sm

Utility Player The Jack (or Jill) of all trades

Teams rely on utility players to be ready and willing to sub in on any race and tackle a wide range of elements. Utility players are highlighted throughout the match and normally see the most playing time!

Strength specialist sm

Strength Specialist Heavy object movers

Strongman, weightlifters, powerlifters unite! Stones, barbells, flippers... if it's heavy, your team is calling on you! This position translates to some of the best Quad 4 closers in the league - do you have what it takes?

Interested in learning more about GRID?

Our new education library "GRIDSchool" is under construction, but you can learn more at

Sponsor Challenges are new in 2017. Don't miss your chance to play GRID and win!

Learn more

Our sponsors will be rewarding $250 cash to the top performing male and female for each challenge.

The rules

Each challenge, random particpants will be selected to win gifts from our sponsors.

How to win

New stars will emerge in this GRID season.
Are you one of them?

Play GRID. Win prizes. Get drafted.
I'm ready


FAQ Answers

Q. What is the NPGL?

The National Pro GRID League is the world's first professional co-ed team sports league, with eight teams spread out across the United States, with players from all over the world. Learn more at

Q. Who should sign up for the combine?

While the primary purpose of the combine is to discover rising stars in GRID with aspirations to play professionally, we encourage anyone interested in playing or trying out a new sport to register! There's something for everyone...

Interested in playing pro?
The Online Combine is the funnel for all new aspiring GRID players and is a requirement for being draft eligible. Aside from getting a GRIDScore, prospects have the chance to fill out a player profile, complete a bio, add their unique skills, and build out their GRID resumé. Coaches and scouts have access to all the pertinent player information in so be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to showcase how you can make an impact!
Just want to try something new and win stuff?
Maybe you just heard about GRID for the first time and enjoy new athletic endeavors or challenging yourself. The Sponsor Challenges are a unique opportunity for you to jump just to test yourself and the best part - you can win prizes just for participating! In addition, will become a hub for upcoming GRID events around the world, so if you think you might be interested in amateur tournaments/leagues or just playing for fun this is a great place to start building out your profile!

Q. Is there a specific athletic background I need?

We are looking for a variety of athletes from many different disciplines. High level gymnasts, weightlifters, powerlifters, crossfitters, to name a few. If you were an athlete in your past or aspire to be one, give it a shot!

Here are some of the backgrounds of current GRID pros:

  • Weightlifting
  • Gymnastics
  • Powerlifting
  • CrossFit
  • Track & Field
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Cheerleadering
  • Football
  • Softball

Q. How long does the combine last?

We are starting our search for new talent earlier than ever before. Registration begins 1/30 and will contiue through June 30. This gives prospects a great opportunity to join anytime during the process and have a fair chance to earn their spot!

Q. Are there any costs involved?

There is one-time payment of $25 to register for the Online Combine. This unlocks the oppportunity to get your GRIDScore, become draft-eligible and compete in our Sponsor Challenges for the chance to win cash and prizes!

Q. What is required to be draft eligible?

To be draft eligible a prospect must register for the Online Combine and complete his or her positional GRIDScore.

Q. Do I have to know what position I am?

Nope! The sport is new and not everyone knows what role suits them best. During the registration process you can choose "Not sure" for your path and this will give you access to all 6 testers. After you submit your scores, we'll give you a GRIDScore for each position to help guide you!

Q. Which testers do I have to do for my position?

We've supplied a quick look at the required testers for each position in the table below. You can find more information about the specific testers on the GRIDScore page.

Test Bodyweight Utility Strength
Rope Climb
Clean and Jerk

Q. What are the best ways to stand out?

After registering, GRIDScore is only the beginning. Here are some of the ways to build out a strong GRID resumé:

  • Give insight to your athletic background. Fill in your BIO on the 'Event Profile' page for the combine.
  • Add your own custom skills. As a part of your profile, there is a 'Skills' page for you to showcase your own unique talents!
  • Use videos when possible. Numbers on a page are helpful, but seeing your ability in action can help give a better understanding of your ability.
  • Post your practice sessions. Social media is a great tool to increase your exposure. Film yourself practicing, use the hashtag #playGRID and tag your favorite teams!

Q. Do I have to register for the Combine to be eligible for the cash and prizes in the Sponsor Challenges?

To be eligible for the random prize drawings, you only need to sign up for a free account and follow the submission guidelines. To be eligible for the cash reward of the Sponsor Challenge, you must be registered for the Online Combine.